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Jennie DeVoe: Video

Jennie DeVoe & Her Music

Super Bowl Village: Purple Rain
Black Crystal Cafe, Ann Arbor: "Redeeming"
Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra: "I Breakdown"
Brand new song: "Bluebird Day"
Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra: "Healer"
"Have a Little Faith In Me"
"Angels Cry"
"Feel It Out Loud"
Jennie & Tony Stewart: Mallow Run Winery Concert
Jennie & Tony Stewart: National Auction
Jennie DeVoe on Pet Pals TV: Wolf Park
Jennie on Pet Pals TV
Indy Style TV
Jennie on Indy Style

Devotion to Wildlife with Jennie DeVoe:

'Quirky Blues' with Jennie DeVoe
Jennie DeVoe: An Artist in Business

Jennie Devoe from Smaller Indiana, Bigger Ideas on Vimeo.

"Don't It Sound Good" at Frankey's
"Strange Sunshine" at Frankey's

Black Crystal Cafe, Ann Arbor: "Believers"